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The Gallery District

Interspersed along Front, Bridge and Pinnacle streets, you’ll find ‘the Gallery District’ – a collection of beautiful and accessible galleries within easy walking distance in the Downtown District.

Embracing Creative Energy

Promoting the talent of local artists, one can feel the soul of a community through its Gallery District.

Words used to describe ours: vibrant, eclectic, exciting, inviting and accessible.

For decades, the galleries have offered varied perspectives which all tell wonderful and complex stories of our region, artists and community.

Downtown art walks, outdoor festivals and cultural practices are just a few examples of the many inspiring experiences the art community has to offer.

Galleries are spaces that educate the public about everything from fibre and jewelry, to sculpture and paintings.

Belleville City Hall by Sarah Winn, Quinte Arts Council

Explore our art scene by visiting the Belleville Art Association (BAA), Quinte Arts Council (QAC), Gallery 121 and the John M. Parrott Art Gallery located on the third floor of the Belleville Public Library.

The four galleries are adjacent to each other. Each is unique, has its own history and its own vibe.

You immediately sense the creative energy in each space, both from the art on the walls and the work being done behind-the-scenes.

The Belleville Public Library & John M. Parrott Art Gallery

The Belleville Public Library offers 3D printing and other classes for children and adults.

Are you curious about 3D printing? Ever wanted to try your hand at knitting?

Perhaps you’ve had the desire to trace your family genealogy, or beat a friend at a chess game?

The Belleville Public Library located at 254 Pinnacle Street offers a wide variety of classes for all ages on a weekly basis.

From the Knitterati Club to Cricut Maker drop-in classes, a writer’s collective to chess clubs, the library has evolved into a community hub that supports and inspires lifelong learning and creativity.

The library strives to meet the educational, recreational and information needs of all Belleville citizens through free and equitable access to physical and digital collections, artwork, technology and services.


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